Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hyper dashing through school

There are plenty of physical education teachers what just simply roll the ball out but how do the students expect  to increase their skills this way? What if there is a way to combine what the students are trying to learn in the classroom with what they do in phys ed class? Well honestly there is a way to change mostly every game up in order to help them in both areas. Take the game hyper dash which is an interactive game that is enjoyable for the students. What the game consists of is holding the hyper dash in one hand and have 5 differently colored plate shaped objects on the floor. The gaming system has different game modes which include it calling out colors and numbers. This is a great an interactive way for the students to learn their colors and numbers. You can also alter the game so they have to add or subtract numbers together and therefore they are doing math and they don't even realize it. You have to spread the plate things around a little bit in order to extend the game and really make the students work for it.

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