Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Debate

I first of all want to say that every group sticks in sports, lifetime skills, and the skills advocate group did a great job representing their category. The debate started off and each group got to state their case. I do know that a few groups got cut short in what they wanted to say but that’s because of time issues but I still feel like everyone got their points across to their best ability. After each group stated their main points there was another time in which we would ask each group questions about their group and how they were going to answer certain situations that may occur under their system. My group was the skills advocates and we all had a heated debate all around and there were plenty of good points that were brought up. We finally made a final statements and then we waited for the board of ed group to make a decision and they came to the conclusion that both the skills advocates and the lifetime pe groups would share the program and would have to work together to build one big program. The debate went over well and many of us tweeted in updates and there was a live stream that was uploaded on our class website so that other people could follow along the great debate. In my personal opinion, I felt the debate went over well and my group of the skills advocates did a great job with the power point and putting together a great argument so that we were in the best position to win over the board. The picture I uploaded here is our group working together to come up with rebuttal questions to ask the other groups. Overall, great job by every group and I was very happy how my group worked together as team to truly have a great debate!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hall of Shame games

I was very surprised to see some of my old favorite games in the Hall of Shame. Admittingly at first, I was a little annoyed that some of my games of the past are being regarded so poorly. After reading the reasoning behind the madness of these games being elected into the hall I now have a new and open mind about these games. The hall of shame went into lengthy discussions on why each game was in there. These games should all be in their for the right reasons such as games that use humans as targets, games that have the students line up, and the games that have elimination in them so that only the strong in that area will survive. One game in particular that is in the hall that I think can be altered and potentially taking out of is tag. Tag is in the hall because of the fact that it is an elimination game and tag in particular is a game where the stronger of the class go after and gang up on the inferior students of the class. However,  I do believe that a game like tag can be altered in a way so that it can support all students and not involve elimination in some ways. You can vary tag and make it a game such a hospital tag where everyone is "it" but after you are tagged twice you simple do something like 10 jumping jacks and you can come back in. This way there is not one person being singled out as being "it" and there is technically no elimination. A game like hospital tag is only one way it can be varied and there are several others but that isn't the point. The point is that a game like tag, dodge ball, or any other game can be varied in a way to meet all requirements. I do believe that these games that are presented as is should be in the hall of shame, but on the other hand I also believe that any game can be varied in such a way that no game should have to put itself in the low aspect of being in the hall of shame. Overall, I do believe that dodge ball is not a game that we should be playing in a physical education environment, but with the right variations in place any game including a form of dodge ball can be played and be an effective game and help not just the stronger and more athletically gifted students but all students.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Healthy New Years Resolution Video

Check out the Video that Nate and I made to show everyone how we are using technology to stay healthy, fit, and active this new year.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines day with Pre K

I was really nervous going to this day mainly because I really didn't know what to expect. I knew going in that my group was in the Pre-K group and me and my group struggled to come up with games that would be simple enough that the students would be able to complete them and would not struggle with their complexity. I had a blast playing and doing various activities with these students. Each week I becoming more and more convinced that I want to be a physical educator and I even am more willing to work with elementary students than I was before. The picture I added to right is a picture of me instructing the Pre-K students in the gym before we started an activity. I like the fact that you can see the side of one students face so everyone can see that the students were actually listening to me for a couple of minutes. I really enjoyed Lab 2 with the students and it just made me more excited for Lab 3.

Lab 2 write up