Friday, March 30, 2012

Throwing With St. Mary's

Lab 4 at St. Mary's had my group participating as the gym group. I was actually way less nervous going into this lab then any other one. This is mainly because I now know what I am doing and I feel much more confident in the games that I had picked out for the students to play. Nate played the games Oscar's garbage can that had the students throwing the balls into the makeshift trash can. I was Oscar and was in the "trash can" retrieving balls for the students. The students loved the game and we had to pull them away from the game they loved it so much. This just shows how much they loved this game and how much better our class as a whole has got at picking out the games and explaining them to the students.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boston Madness

Boston has been quite the trip so far and its only Wednesday! Tuesday morning a group of us started the convention off with the exergames. This was where a group of us split up and showed actual P.E. teachers what technology they can use in their classes for their students. The list of various games included, just dance, a different version of dance dance revolution (called idance) in which each student gets a mat, and an interactive kickboxing game. These are just three of the many different stations that we had set up but by far the most interesting was the interactive kickboxing. I have personally never seen anything like it and what it essential had was a screen with different motions and the player would have to kick or punch a certian part of the mat in the direction that it said to. I attached a picture of the kickboxing game in action so everyone can have a better understanding in to what it looked like. The exhibit was a great success and the turn out was great    and everyone worked hard to make it the best yet! That same Tuesday night, there was a huge fire in the nearby hotel and it cut out the power of most of the area in which we are staying in. This caused the Wednesday of the convention to be canceled entirely. What a first two days at Boston can't wait to see what the remainder of the week has in store for us. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Mary's Part 3

Going into lab 3 I was really excited because I was working with the older students at St. Mary's and it was just a complete change from last time when I was working with the pre-k group. I was excited going into the day that's for sure. I started by going down into the cafeteria and played checkers, legos, and various other games with the students. I had some nice conversations with the students about sports and what our favorite sports teams are. This however was short lived and when we got up to the gym the students didn't want to play my game at all. Not a single person, they just wanted to play basketball. In their defense, I don't think I did this best job of explaining the games and that is my fault. We finally, got to play other games with them, but they did not like my type of game. The students told me that they love tag and we ended up playing various different tag games before finally, doing the song and dance that Nate had set out for the students to do. The picture I added in the upper right is a picture of me interacting with a few of the students in the cafeteria. This was the high point for me during class because the students were interacting with me and I think everyone was enjoying it at this point. I was disappointed at first that they didn't want to play my game but I am not anymore. In reality, this is a learning experience for and I now know that I have to work harder to find a game that these students are going to like. My group has the gym group next class and I can't wait to get back to St. Mary's and come up with a great game that they the students want to play and will still benefit greatly from it!

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