Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hall of Shame games

I was very surprised to see some of my old favorite games in the Hall of Shame. Admittingly at first, I was a little annoyed that some of my games of the past are being regarded so poorly. After reading the reasoning behind the madness of these games being elected into the hall I now have a new and open mind about these games. The hall of shame went into lengthy discussions on why each game was in there. These games should all be in their for the right reasons such as games that use humans as targets, games that have the students line up, and the games that have elimination in them so that only the strong in that area will survive. One game in particular that is in the hall that I think can be altered and potentially taking out of is tag. Tag is in the hall because of the fact that it is an elimination game and tag in particular is a game where the stronger of the class go after and gang up on the inferior students of the class. However,  I do believe that a game like tag can be altered in a way so that it can support all students and not involve elimination in some ways. You can vary tag and make it a game such a hospital tag where everyone is "it" but after you are tagged twice you simple do something like 10 jumping jacks and you can come back in. This way there is not one person being singled out as being "it" and there is technically no elimination. A game like hospital tag is only one way it can be varied and there are several others but that isn't the point. The point is that a game like tag, dodge ball, or any other game can be varied in a way to meet all requirements. I do believe that these games that are presented as is should be in the hall of shame, but on the other hand I also believe that any game can be varied in such a way that no game should have to put itself in the low aspect of being in the hall of shame. Overall, I do believe that dodge ball is not a game that we should be playing in a physical education environment, but with the right variations in place any game including a form of dodge ball can be played and be an effective game and help not just the stronger and more athletically gifted students but all students.

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