Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Debate

I first of all want to say that every group sticks in sports, lifetime skills, and the skills advocate group did a great job representing their category. The debate started off and each group got to state their case. I do know that a few groups got cut short in what they wanted to say but that’s because of time issues but I still feel like everyone got their points across to their best ability. After each group stated their main points there was another time in which we would ask each group questions about their group and how they were going to answer certain situations that may occur under their system. My group was the skills advocates and we all had a heated debate all around and there were plenty of good points that were brought up. We finally made a final statements and then we waited for the board of ed group to make a decision and they came to the conclusion that both the skills advocates and the lifetime pe groups would share the program and would have to work together to build one big program. The debate went over well and many of us tweeted in updates and there was a live stream that was uploaded on our class website so that other people could follow along the great debate. In my personal opinion, I felt the debate went over well and my group of the skills advocates did a great job with the power point and putting together a great argument so that we were in the best position to win over the board. The picture I uploaded here is our group working together to come up with rebuttal questions to ask the other groups. Overall, great job by every group and I was very happy how my group worked together as team to truly have a great debate!

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